Stuart Robinson

Radio was my childhood passion, and I began my broadcasting career on hospital and local radio in Hampshire as a teenager, before completing a music degree at Durham University.  I then trained at the BBC as a Studio Manager, subsequently working on a variety of programmes at the BBC World Service, the Radiophonic Workshop, and the BBC Religious Programmes Department where I produced outside broadcast acts of worship including “Sunday Worship” and “Choral Evensong”.


Since then I have developed a successful freelance career as a broadcaster and producer. For many years I narrated and produced a wide range of news and feature packages, in particular for BBC Radio Wales and programmes on BBC Radio Four such as “You & Yours”. I also worked as a trainer for the BBC's Upfront course for new employees, and television credits for the BBC include news reporting for Wales Today and work as a music adviser for “Songs of Praise”.


Beyond the BBC, I have lectured in radio news production at a college in Lancashire, and have worked for the Royal School of Church Music in various roles, including tutoring courses, managing volunteers and creating podcasts.


I am still a regular producer of “Celebration”, BBC Radio Wales' Sunday morning act of worship broadcast from a Welsh church. More recently I have widened my freelance portfolio to include video direction and production, and have made short features and choral recordings including training material for the Royal School of Church Music, and other features for choirs, churches and commercial organisations.  


Having sat in front of studio microphones to narrate links for broadcast, I've now completed training and added voiceover work to the portfolio.  Listen to professionally-produced voicereels here.  I have my own broadcast-quality home-studio.  


When I'm not doing all the above, I can be found playing the organ at St John’s Church in Tisbury, Wiltshire and directing the church’s choir.    




About Stuart


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